LITA LA Needs An Intern!




We’ve got so many cool projects comin out that we need a second intern in addition to our current awesome intern at our office in Los Feliz!

We’re looking for someone to come in 2-3 days/week  from about 10am-5pm. We’re looking for good people who are passionate about music & LITA, willing to work hard, and who are eager to learn more about the inner workings of a record label.

Tasks will include basic office assistant stuff, project assistant work, and generally helping out with social media, radio outreach and publicity. We really need someone who’s willing to try on a lot of different hats and help out where help is needed that day.

Having said that, we also try to tailor the internship to each intern’s particular skills and interests.

Please send your resume and a cover letter to, explaining why you’d like to intern at LITA, what unique skills/passions/POV you bring to the table, and what your favorite candy to snack on is. Please make your subject line “LA INTERNSHIP.”

The internship lasts 3 months. We are able to offer school credit if need be.

Thanks! Stoked to hear from you!!