LITA Podcast Episode 3 | Low Down With Flea & Amy-Jo Albany

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Episode 3 is finally here and it’s all about our recent jazz soundtrack release, Low Down. Listen in on a conversation between Flea (co-producer & co-star of the Low Down film) and author Amy-Jo Albany (whose memoir about growing up with her dad, legendary jazz pianist Joe Albany, sparked the film). They talk about their shared experiences growing up with drug-addicted jazz musician fathers in Los Angeles in the 60s & 70s. They also talk about hitchhiking, that one time Flea chased Amy-Jo around a supermarket, and the strange relationship between pain and beauty. We’ve included many musical interludes of Joe Albany’s enchanting ivory-tickling, and Amy-Jo reads us a few passages from her brilliant book: Low Down: Junk, Jazz & Other Fairy Tales From Childhood.

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Below is one of the songs from the soundtrack that is included in the podcast episode: