Living Music – “To Allen Ginsberg” | Italian Acid Folk


Available now for pre-order, Living Music – To Allen Ginsbergout October 23rd via Votary Disk/Roundtable/Dual Planet. Deriving their name from New York’s experimental theatre group ‘Living Theatre’, Living Music was a collective of Italian musicians, artists and poets active in the counterculture and student movement of Rome in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Living Music consisted primarily of the husband and wife duo of Umberto Santucci and Gianfranca Montedoro. The two hosted improvisational sessions at their home, where they explored the concepts of communal expression through music and poetry. These experiments led to a recording session in which they set their psychedelic compositions to the poetry of Beat poet Allen Ginsberg.


Living Music’s sole 1971 album for RCA’s Italy’s experimental imprint Free Dimension is a phenomenal psychedelic excursion into acid folk, Tibetan chants, Indian drones, and avant-jazz all centered around the powerful voice of Gianfranca Montedoro. It has since become a highly sought after recording for folk and progressive collectors alike. Pre-order your copy of To Allen Ginsberg at