Loma: A Soul Music Love Affair


From 1964 to 1968, Loma, a subsidiary of Warner Brothers, released over 100 singles and a handful of albums marking the evolution of a distinctive art form: soul music. The label’s releases have gone on to become cherished totems to legions of music aficionados around the globe. After several years of in-depth research into the vaults, we are proud to present four volumes of the best of Loma!

Within the grooves you’ll find northern soul by the likes of Ike & Tina Turner, grooving tracks by divas like Lorraine Ellison and Linda Jones, sophisticated uptown productions by the likes of Richard Tee and George Kerr, and even some previously unreleased soul goodies too.

Compiled and researched by the brilliant and Grammy-nominated Alec Palao (who also masterminded our Sly’s Stone Flower anthology), this lavish reissue is now available for preorder and will be available for immediate purchase March 25th. Each volume is available either individually or as part of a 4-album bundle.

Full details on Loma: A Soul Music Love Affair here (there links to all four volumes at the bottom of the page!).