Not-An-Intern Noah has been on a bit of a record buying binge in the sunny climes of San Francisco, jumping from thrift store to thrift store and even taking a scorching bike ride to the hallowed land that is Amoeba.

He’s just so excited about these purchases we thought we’d give him another chance to talk one up.

So, tell us what you got Noah:

The Fresh & Onlys – Debut LP

Okay, sure, The Fresh and Onlys are backing our main man Rodriguez on his downhill domination of the West Coast, but aside from our general bias towards these gentlemen and ladies, I was absolutely stoked to stumbled upon this local groups debut.  I’ve seen bits and pieces of their live show, seen their bassist Shayde in a plethora of different bands, but never had a chance to absorb their studio recordings.  Thus, a ten dollar copy of this album had my musicality percolating like an 80s dance machine.

And my percolation is certainly called for.

This is psych-rock tweaked with a melodic girl/guy vocal harmony that somehow roots it in the late-ish edge of the 1950s.  There’s a sense of fun that candy coats this music, but the fullness of the band, allows for it to shift and change. The second side of the album is soft and almost delicate, a drastic jump from the churning psych-rock that buoys the first.

I’m particularly obsessed with “Peacock and Wing” but the entire album is pretty stellar.

Lucky for you West Coasters these gents and ladies are backing our man Rodriguez, as stated earlier, up and down the West Coast.  You should probably buy tickets to the three remaining shows …