We’ve produced some albums we’re mighty fond of in our tenure as a prestigious record label for the reissue loving masses. You know, some solid gems, that due to one reason or another we had to pull from the sagging shelves of vinyl love and relegate to the shiny, spinny world of the compact disc.

But, two of our hands down most favorite releases we’ve ever dropped on the wide world of discerning listeners. What are they, you discerning listener, might ask?

Well, let us tell you:

The Black Angels, drone psych masters they are, released Passover in 2006, melting the minds and faces of fans the world over.  C’mon, this album has the growling, acid-fueled road trip of “Young Men Dead”, the low-end blast of “Manipulation”, and a host of other guttural odes to the cracked psychedelic deserts that populate their songs.   People have been clamoring for this for years, and we, your drone psych dealers are peddling it again.

Buy it HERE.

Jamaica to Toronto – Soul, Funk & Reggae: 1967 – 1974

Reggae, funk, soul – all from the wild woods of 1960s and 1970s Canada?  Indeed.  There’s a huge amount of history poking out of the slow-talking forests of the Great White North, and we, after kicking around a few other, more different releases, compiled this, the first of a two definitive compilations of the bumps and beats of Toronto.  We’re so happy to see it back on vinyl we’re soul clapping and rump shaking.  Seriously, Matt Sullivan rump shaking, has got to be seen.

Listen to the single: Jo-Jo & The Fugitives – Chips-Chicken-Banana-Split

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