Alright, now we here at Light In The Attic have our fair share of flaws. Not-An-Intern Noah has a thing with ladders (please, don’t ask). Matt Sullivan’s got sticky fingers like you wouldn’t believe (no seriously, check your pocket mister, he’s probably got your car keys). And that’s just the start of the laundry list.

When it comes down to it though, one thing we are not is jealous.

Until we read this.

C’mon Universal and the glittery grime of Los Angeles are biting our road tripping style! That’s right, the big wigs at Universal are sending fleets of “5 Buck Music” Trucks out in to the streets of LA to hock their wares to the demanding public, just like we sent out our fleet (er, single white van) out across America to hock our wares during our recent 2009 Light In The Attic Road Trip. Sure, we’re not sending shining fans filled to the gills with Jackson 5 reissues and the newest U2 release (we wouldn’t stoop to that) but in our hearts, our heart of hearts, we’re on to you Universal.

Watch yourself.

In truth, it’s curious to see a big name label like Universal offering up such a drastic reversal of their traditionally torpid strategies. If this works out, it could be a substantial step in bolstering the sagging industry.

Your thoughts?