The mail is a wonderful service.

Sure, it’s slow and slightly undependable, but c’mon, how amazing is the feeling of elation when a huge fucking box ‘o’ music goodness comes crashing down on you door?  A-may-zeen.

Not-An-Intern Noah just got his monthly box of goodness from the amazing people at Vampi Soul and he was just a bit excited to tell you what he got.  This is just a preview my friend, more Vampi Soul related goodness is coming your way.

Mr. Not-An-Intern Noah, the conch shell is passed your way ’round the circle.

Looksie what I got in the mail today!  Two new amazing bits of Vampi Soul goodness from one of the absolute masters of obscure in today’s reissue market.

What might you ask are they?

Let me tell you:

1.  The Funky Way of Emil Viklicky

And What Might That Be?: In the words of Vampi Soul:

Emil Viklický is one of the most renowned Czech jazz musicians and composers.

This focused-on-funk selection was recorded between 1975 and 1987 in

Czechoslovak studios. Be it with the legendary SHQ or with Energit, accompanying

Eva Svobodová, conducting a tight studio big band or collaborating with fellow

Berklee College students Frisell/Driscoll/Johnson, Emil knows how to funk up his

keys all the way through.”

Not-An-Intern Noah’s Thoughts: Fan-fucking-tastic.  You should see the keyboard this man is sporting on the cover.  It’s literally an entire studio, packed inside a keyboard.  My heart, it flutters.

2.  Marta Kubisova – The Soul of Ne!

What Is It?: Vampi Soul, take it away:

Marta Kubišová was the most popular Czechoslovak female singer of the late 1960s, heading for an international career but banned by the communist regime until 1989. Compiled from the Supraphon archives, this 1966-1970 selection focuses on her roughest songs, with plenty of fuzz guitars and funky beats, punchy horns and razor-sharp organs underlying her deep and soulful voice.

Not-An-Intern Noah’s Thoughts: The history on this alone makes me a little teary eyed.  Combine that with Ms. Kubisova’s fantastic voice.  Count me in.