Marcos Valle: Hip Hop Superstar?

Marcos Valle, Pusha T, Jay-Z, Kanye West…. one of these things is not like the others… right? It might seem that way at first glance. How could this zen, blonde headed beachcomber be caught up in the rap game? Well, Marcos has been sampled in a handful of hip hop tracks in the past years and it’s a real trip hearing his bossanova beach bum beats turned “street”. Here are a few of the songs that have sampled Marcos Valle.

Jay Z: “Thank You” samples Marcos Valle: “Ela E Ela” (from the album Marcos Valle)

Pusha T & Kanye West: “New God Flow” samples Marcos Valle:  ”Bôdas De Sangue” (from the album Vento Sul)

Arrested Development: “Inner City” samples Marcos Valle: “Mustang côr de Sangue” (from the album Mustang côr de Sangue)

Ugly Duckling: “Anything Can Happen ” samples Marcos Valle:  ”Mentira” (from the album Previsão do Tempo)

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