Big Matt Sullivan has been talking up this Big Star box set for weeks now.

He’s a sweet kid, and he owns the place, so we thought, hell, why not let the curly-mopped fellow talk the talk on just how fantastic this box set is.

Sir Mattrick the VIII, please take the microphone.

The almighty Mason Williams at Rhino just sent up a copy of the new Big Star box. Bless his soul. Quite possibly the reissue of the year. The massive booklet alone is worth the price of admission. I had big expectations for this project but nothing like what’s currently in my hands. These guys reached the stars on this project. I must say, the purists out there often tear into majors like Rhino but these guys are still putting out some of the best reissues in the game. It ain’t easy being a genuine music fan fearing for your job on a daily basis in a tough corporate environment during shaky times. I imagine the powers that be aren’t itching for these doods to spend their waking hours putting together a Big Star box that won’t sell like that sweet Queensryche comp or that Hootie & The Blowfish greatest hits package that you’ve been drooling over at your local Best Buy. So bless their souls I say. To all the purists, just because something’s rare don’t mean it’s good. Pick up that Jane’s Addiction box and sail off to never never land. And that Tony Joe White box on Rhino Handmade is one to sink your mitts into.

Back to Big Star… This evening I put this sucker on and the room suddenly comes alive. My girlfriend is about to cry over how beautiful the damn thing is, while my roommate Tim immediately perks up after hearing the mastering, especially on the track “Feel”. I don’t recall the tune “Daisy Glaze” from disc 2, a wicked rehearsal version. Made me wander over to YouTube and check out the song. Cool live version –

The art designer of the Big Star box is the wonderful ScottWebber – designer for many of Light In The Attic’s early releases, including our first four reissues: Last Poets – Last Poets/This Is Madness, Bernard Purdie – Lialeh, Free Design – Kites Are Fun, and Free Design – Heaven/Earth. We met Scott through my old college radio cohort Colin Wyatt. When I first set out to start the label in the summer of 2001 – thank the heavens I got laid off from my job at the time or I’d still be sitting there behind that desk in a sorry state – anyways, I was desperately trying to find a solid, dependable designer, someone who had similar music tastes and the skills to give these reissues their due packaging-wise. Colin suggested Scott, who had worked at Virgin Records in Los Angeles for years and luckily for my sorry ass had recently been laid off. I think it was due to Virgin signing Mariah Carey for millions, her album tanking and then they paid her $28 million to leave the label. They laid off a number of employees. Crazy times. So worthless Mariah gave us the opportunity to work with the talented Webber. Scott now lives and surfs in Los Angeles, working at Rhino for the last few years.

(Ed. We’re currently in the process of interviewing said Scott Webber, so please, look for that in the week(s) to come)
Thanks Big Matt!