Matt Sullivan gets excited.  Oh we know, most of the time he’s a polite gentleman, quick with a smile and a handshake, and always ready for a drink.  But, sometimes, SOMETIMES, Matt Sullivan gets crazy.

So when he stormed in to the creative offices of Light In The Attic, babbling at the mouth about Michael Caine and “piano hands”, we knew something had gotten to him.  We got a few drinks in to the wiley bastard and he calmed down enough to inform us that he’d just watched the original Get Carter and wanted to share this with you:

After seeing the film Get Carter (1971) a number of times over the years, I never noticed the DVD special features until renting it again this past weekend. Check out this wicked clip of soundtrack composer Roy Budd. Another great score. But rent the DVD for the commentary from both director Mike Hodges and the film’s star Michael Caine. What’s better than director/actor commentary? $4 spent renting a quality DVD with quality commentary far surpasses any shitty film degree (well, at least my degree in, um, kinda film, um, Media Arts). Greatest director commentary? The Passenger with Jack Nicholson. I’d sell my soul to have Jack recite that one live in the theater.