Our lord and co-founder here at Light In The Attic, Matt Sullivan, recently back from his exploits across the pond, is playing tour manager on the currently churning along Rodriguez West Coast tour.  The man’s been touched by the technology bug and has decided, YET AGAIN, to blog the entire damn thing.

We couldn’t be happier.

Take it away maestro Sullivan.  Take it away.

Let me just say that I NEVER EVER EVER (AND EVER!)… thought this would happen – Rodriguez not only playing our hometown of Seattle but also Portland and Vancouver. Not in a million years.

After months of planning, here I am… driving to the Sea-Tac airport to pick up the one and only, Rodriquez.  I find him looking sharp as always in a badass black Sgt Pepper-ish jacket with wicked gold trip (“I picked this up for 5 bucks”) and feeling as bewildered as me that this is actually happening.  How on earth did we land here? Shit, I have no clue and I don’t care.  We have arrived and it is oh so sweet.  This visit marks his first time in the Pacific Northwest.

We pick up the bags and guitar, get in the car and head north for Ballard where an immaculate feast will soon be upon us. Sixto Rodriguez in Ballard?! Just seems too good to be true. Chill for a bit with Rodriguez band member Marc Capelle (flying in the night before from his hometown, SF), meet the Seattle horn players at Cornish for the 4:30 pm horn rehearsal, and then have the dinner-of-a-lifetime prepared by the lovely Jennifer Maas of Evil Bunny Films, Quiet Loud Design, and J-Maa Catering Inc. The menu… Roasted chicken, ricotta olive oil toasts, hot weather basil pesto toasts, smoked salmon salad, zucchini gratin, and for desert – maple syrup tres leches with poached rhubarb and wild strawberries. The night will soon be remembered as “The First Supper”.

A meal like this on a day like this makes it one to tell the grand kids. Rodriguez meets the Light In The Attic staff, our U.S. national publicist Ever Kipp, KEXP DJ and chicken carving guru Greg Vandy, Grant Olsen from tomorrow’s opening band Arthur And Yu, Light In The Attic illustrator Drew Christie, my understanding and incredibly patient roommates, close friends and family. After dinner, the guitar breaks out and the man plays a few. Highlight – Sixto, Grant, and Drew doing the “Tennessee Waltz”. Crash at around 2 am for the start of a big day and week ahead.

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