The tour might be over, but Matt Sullivan, founder of this glorified juke joint presses on, recording the day to day events of this amazing trip.

We’re already sad to see it come to an end.
Keep it coming Sullivan, the fans are hungry!

As Rodriguez wisely reminds us, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We need our nourishment.” Rodriguez, along with the Fresh & Only’s, Josh from Light In The Attic, Jennifer Maas, and I cruise on over to Ballard breakfast spot Hi-Life. After scarfing down our much needed morning nourishment, we roll to the Triple Door, a plush Seattle venue that hosts two Rodriguez gigs today and this evening. It’s going to a magical day/evening. At 3 PM he plays a special day time show for Seattle radio station KEXP and listeners who donated $500. Anyone who donates over $500 gets to check out free, exclusive VIP shows at the Triple Door. Past performers include – The Black Angels, My Morning Jacket, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Interpol, The Concretes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Billy Brag… Lots more here. KEXP records the show and then broadcasts the set on the radio later that day. The Triple Door make all the stops. Backstage is a palace compared to our previous evening backstage at Richard On Richards in Vancouver. ROR had some grimey class though.

KEXP’s Greg Vandy gives a nice introduction for the show and the seven song set goes off super well. There are a few hours before the evening show so we stop by Easy Street Records on Queen Anne and introduce Rodriguez to Gary, Troy, and Bob at the store. Photos, autographs and more good times unfold. Head back to the house so Rodriguez can freshen up and eat a light dinner before show time. Our new intern Andrew (bless his kind soul!) hangs out as well. The man relaxes for a few and we depart for the Triple Door. What ensues next was a dream I’ve waited for for over four years. A rapturous response from the crowd while Rodriguez and band completely on fire. I have to hand it to the horn players – San Francisco’s Marc Capelle on Fluegel Horn & Trumpet, along with local Seattle players Greg Larson – Trombone, Clark Gibson – Flute (Sax, Clarinet), and Galen Green – Sax, Clarinet (Flute). A big thanks to Galen for putting together the Seattle players. Girls screamed out “I love your smile” but the man, like always, was as humble as ever. Best line though - ”There’s only one age: You’re either alive or dead.” The man was certainly alive. He did a brilliant solo cover of “I’m Gonna Live Till I Die” which Sinatra and a host of others recorded back in the day. Currently my favorite Rodriguez live tune. After the show, we headed back and the Seattle after-party ensued, lasting deep into the night. A few South Africans swung by. Bless their hearts! They’ve kept the Sixto fire alive all these years.