Let the tour continue.  Let the soup be eaten.  Let the man, the plan, Sixto Rodriguez continue his domination of the West Coast, one-liners intact.

Let it all hang loose.

Matt Sullivan, we’ve heard you’re good at that.

The next morning we ate like Breakfast-Kings at the Doug Fir lounge, followed by two phone interviews for his Toronto show happening Friday July 3rd – the National Post and Eye Weekly. Both go well. After the interview, we stop by KBOO Radio in Portland – about 200 feet from Rodriguez’s hotel room (!) for both a live session and interview with super cool DJ Jeff Rosenberg. KBOO has been a Portland institution for over 32 years. All went great, and Jeff and the staff at the station were mighty kind.

Turn on the GPS and set sail for Yreka, California. We’ve got reservations at the Econo Lodge. Today is a day off before tomorrow’s gig in San Francisco.

An hour and a half later, we hit Eugene. Time for a quick stop at House of Records to say hello to Fred and Martha  Fred looked like he saw a ghost when I introduced him to Rodriguez. Cool store and good people. Took a few photos and headed over to the grocery store for some chicken noodle soup and crackers. Thanks to Rodriguez I am now officially addicted to soup. Like tea, it’s keeping me going. We once again eat like kings and head across the street to fill up on gas. I’ve been to Oregon a zillion times and always forget… it’s against the law to pump your own gas. The gas attendant runs over and tells us, “hands off my love pump” (well, kinda). Oregon and Washington love their little laws.

We must have been somewhere in southern Oregon when the phone starts endlessly buzzing… no more MJ. Rodriguez and I spend the next three hours telling Jackson jokes and kicking around conspiracy theories. It’s too easy with the Jacksons. Toooooo easy. In short, legendary artist and very, very creepy dood.

Finally pulled into Yreka around 8 PM. Not sure why but the five hour drive felt more like eight. We were exhausted after the long day which ain’t fair to say compared to the Fresh & Only’s – who drove the full ten hours from Portland to SF. Dinner in Yreka: Grandma’s House Restaurant. Rodriguez – breaded veal cutlet. Me – Chicken salad sandwich and chicken noodle soup. Headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest and relaxation. Caught up on email and passed out to cable TV.

Tomorrow: San Francisco here we come …