More love for Buh-buh-Betty!

My heart beats just a little faster every time I read some new glowing review of our favorite Seventies funk-goddess Betty Davis. She’s just so damn deserving, you know?

Let me tell you, it’s near heart attack time today, because Portugal’s biggest newspaper, Publico (think the New York Times of Portugal) just printed a huge three page story on Betty’s recently re-issued masterpieces They Say I’m Different and Betty Davis. I wish I could pull a quote for you, but my Portuguese just isn’t what it used to be, so instead you can look at these pretty little scans instead.


Who knows what it says, but it sure looks pretty.

And that’s not even the half of it:

The Bay Area Reporter

With a growl that would make Tina Turner jealous and a fashion sense that could cause LaBelle to bristle with envy, Davis brewed up a feast of funk that still sounds raw and righteous today.”

The Victoria Times

“Davis unleashes a series of ferocious, near-mad, silk sheet-shreading vocals.”

Heart … beating … so … fast.