Morphine “Cure For Pain” | 180-gram LP OUT NOW!

Closing in on 20 years since its initial release, Morphine’s Cure For Pain is an album that still lives and breathes. The late-great front man Mark Sandman used to describe the band’s beat-inspired blues-jazz-rock as “Low-rock” or “Fuck-rock” and it was such enigmatic descriptions that drew people out of the current guitar-grunge-fog and into Morphine’s shadowed world. Outside of a highly coveted limited-run Brazilian pressing nearly two decades ago, Cure For Pain has been nearly impossible to find on vinyl, a wrong only now rectified. As the second release on our Modern Classics Recordings imprint (following Mercury Rev’s Deserter’s Songs), Cure For Pain is finally available for the first time on vinyl in the US.

Featuring the essential songs “Buena,” “Sheila,” “Candy,” and the moving title-track “Cure For Pain,”  this deluxe package features lovingly re-mastered audio, 180-gram wax, a deluxe “tip-on” gatefold jacket with original album art, and new liner notes insert by Christian McNeill containing interviews with surviving band members.

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