Narduar is a force. A brightly dressed, high-pitched force of Canada-lovin’ musical information, Narduar sat down with the one, the only Nasty Nas, Escobar, Stillmatic, to talk about all things Nas-related hip-hop.

Amidst the high-pitched hollerin’, music-slangin’, Narduarin’, this absolutely manic host, manages to ask the somewhat confused, somewhat angry, somewhat enjoyin’ himself, Nas about our favorite Detroit legend, Rodriguez. If you didn’t know (and you should!) Nas and Large Professor sampled “Sugarman” on his fantastic album Stillmatic for the track “You ‘Da Man”.

Thus Narduar, all brightly coloured plaid and box ‘o’ magic gifts, decided to toss Nasty a few questions and a message from one gangster to another.

The whole interview is fantastic (Nas: “You fucking crazy, you a fucking psychopath.”) but check out about 3 and quarter to hear Nas’ thoughts on Rodriguez: