Native North America Continues: John Angaiak & Morley Loon


We’re honored to help share more of the music of two artists featured on our Grammy-nominated Native North America Vol. I compilation. Today we present a full-length album each from John Angaiak and Morley Loon. The albums are available individually, or bundled for a discount. More on each below.


I’m Lost in the City (1971) is the sole vinyl LP offering from Yup’ik singer-songwriter, John Angaiak. This Alaskan native has been active in the preservation of his native language and culture for decades, and I’m Lost in the City was recorded in part to document and promote the previously only oral Yup’ik language into a written one through a series of songs. Each side of the album, which showcases John’s intimate vocal and guitar style, shares a part of Angaiak’s culture and history: side one is sung in Yup’ik, while the material on side two is delivered in English. Both are equally emotional, deeply personal and extremely affecting.

Be sure to check out our option to preorder a special edition that includes a reproduction of a 16-page songbook, featuring sheet music, lyrics in both Yup’ik and English, and original illustrations.

Listen to “Ak’a Tamaani”, a track from the album that became a regional hit in Alaska:

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Northland, My Land is the full-length vinyl debut from Cree singer-songwriter, actor, and force of nature, Morley Loon (1948–1986). Hailing from Mistissini, Quebec, Loon drew from his Cree culture, language and environment to develop an organic style that has inspired many Indigenous musicians. Accompanied by percussion and flute, Loon taps into a spiritual place with this material, achieving a transcendent quality rarely heard in music.

Listen to a track from the album, “N’Doheeno,” here. N’Doheeno, which translates to “The Hunter,” reflects the hunting and gathering traditions of Loon’s people and region. If you close your eyes and absorb the music’s pulse, it’s easy to visualize the subject of this mesmerizing song:

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