UPDATE: Bob’s pumping these things out so fast, we’re already a day behind. Thus, not only are you getting a brand new entry from Bob, YOU’RE GETTING TWO! Enjoy!

Bob Husak is quickly becoming The News Page’s favorite person. Just last week The Blakes (who are releasing a new LP in just one week) manimalistic drummer submitted a laugh-out-loud funny edition of Around the Office that included things he was digging like, er, WWI and The Original Seven Wonders of the World. He’s a funny man that Bob Husak, so we are beyond lucky that of his own accord, he’s decided to start posting a daily blog.

From this point onwards Bob will be supplying you, our loyal fans, with a daily account of whatever the fuck is going on in his head. It might be about The Blakes, touring, recording, music he’s listening to, the state of the industry, or hell, he just might talk about his favorite kind of beans to use in chili. We promise you this though, it will always be entertaining.

For your enjoyment, the very first (hopefully of many) edition of Bob’s Blog:

Our album’s not out yet and we’re back in the studio recording new material. The Blakes are always taking pains to stay ahead of the game. Apparently various big-name retailers take a liking to artists that provide them with exclusive content, so those damn taskmasters at the label have herded us back into Attercop Sound in order to squeeze out every drop of creativity we currently have. All to please some iTunes goons. In truth, we’ve been sitting on a wealth of quality home demos that we’re anxious to re-track, so of course we’re more than happy to oblige the alcoholics running Light in the Attic. And who knows, some of these songs may end up on our next album. Whatever the case, we’ve been logging in some studio hours over the past few days with crack engineers/producers Brian Brown and Reed Griffin, also known as the Bacardi & Cola of music recording, even though they’re both white. Very white.

Sometimes I find myself drinking an iced latte and a cheap American beer (usually Busch) at the same time while we’re tracking, which might account for the tone of this blog entry and why I keep feeling the urge to go flyfishing, which to me is the archetypical caffeine-and-alcohol-mixing activity. Not that I’m much of a flyfisherman. I’m not sure if I have the patience and sheer intestinal fortitude required for fly tying, for one thing, even though my dad is an accomplished fly tyer and was at one point even the president of a fly tying club. It’s a noble hobby. Anyway, I can’t give out detailed descriptions of the equipment we’re using or accounts of our recording methods because, simply put, I have no desire to do so. But, you know, it’s casual.

Bob’s Blog 9.25.2007

What do our new songs sound like? You remember how in the mid-seventies Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show shortened their name to Dr. Hook, switched labels from CBS to Capitol, jettisoned Shel Silverstein, forsook any pretenses of being “counterculture” and generally concentrated on turning out slick, safe AM pop? The recordings we’re working on are nothing like that. We’ve made the decision, as a group, to continue recording more songs and actually finish with an album’s worth of material before we go on tour, and of course before we officially release our first album on LITA. Our methods may be unorthodox, but by God, why not get these tracks down while we’re still young? If you’re interested in keeping score, we just finished tracking the seven songs we originally planned to put down, and we’re working on rough mixes right now. Mild dementia may have set in amongst a few of us (not naming names) but the Rainier is going down easy and my drum tracks are sounding better the more I listen. To be honest, right now I’m not feeling like so much a drummer as a guy who hits things with sticks repetitively. I was just watching a video where a former Steely Dan drummer stated that he set out to differentiate himself from his contemporaries who he felt had “two club hands and two club feet,” and afterwards he demonstrated his superior fluidity by tapping out the jazzy beat to “Peg.” I am amongst that breed of club-limbed hack he spoke of so disparagingly.