New Distro Titles Coming From Heavenly Sweetness


Our friends at the Heavenly Sweetness have a few new titles, including Bad Bad Things, the first full length from the French group Blundetto, who blend sultry cafe soul, late-night acid jazz, and laid back, umm blunted riddims to make up twelve flavorful, mostly instrumental groovers. But if that wasn’t a hard enough sell, check out the range of guests who flex their muscles to chill: former Bones Brigade ripper-turned-backpack world beat maestro Tommy Guerrero (“Ken Park”); the horn section from Daptone’s fine Budos Band (“Mustang” and “La Carretilla”); East Bay MC Lateef the Truth Speaker (“My One Girl”); and the chameleon-like Shawn Lee (“Nautilus” and “La Carretilla”). I was hearing a whole slew of instruments throughout (including classical strings, various percussion tools, and the aforementioned horn section), but never was it trying to do too much with too little. Really pleasant vibes going on here. Sexy lounges worldwide should get this in their jukebox, stat. The deluxe CD box edition (with gold imprint) includes two sheets of stickers!

The following video will give you a taste of what’s to come:

•Blundetto• “Bad Bad things” • EPK/Teaser• from Julien Bittner – Réalisateur/Di on Vimeo.

Also coming is Trouble Man, the new CD from Robert Aaron, a longtime NYC staple/busker/former No Waver who brings his eccentric soul jazz to the table.


“It perpetuates the lyricism of Gato Barbieri or Stanley Turrentine, with the intense breath of Pharoah Sanders. When you listen to this album, you experience the profound and now rare feeling of what drives the playing and writing of an exceptional musician. We call it ‘soul’, that paradoxical state when the profane and the sacred, joy and sorrow merge into one. We hear it less and less in increasingly rational musical recordings because it can only happen when there is a live connection between two hearts” – Paris DJs

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