New Distro Titles: ZudRangMa Thai Funk Volume 1-3


The spicy aftertaste of Thai food left in mouth from the weekend went to five stars hot yesterday morning when two huge boxes from Bangkok arrived on our doorstep containing the first batch of all three volumes of the Thai Funk series on ZudRangMa Records.

The first two of these beautiful collections come packaged in hand-stitched, colorfully patterned soft cloth, while the third is in its own neat bamboo casing (bamboo thrives in Thailand). Essentially, these comps are in the same vein as the fantastic Thai comps Sublime Frequencies has been putting out over the years, just with fancy packaging. The tracks range from fuzzed out garage and rocking go-go shakers to soulful touchstones and brassy funk cuts, with traditional high-pitched vocalists and dirty dog growlers, which include some of the countries more lesser known stars of 60s/70s Thailand.

A friend asked me if they were actually good or if this was more of a gimmicky cultural curiosity. While there is a track that sound like some prehistoric Thai version of Crazy Frog, and a few others that come off a little kitschy, the comps are truly pretty fucking great, full of ripe,  little known funk tracks, spotlighting a few repeat artists across all three comps, all while culling the some great one-hitters.

There are only 1300 of these precious babies in the world (perhaps even less after the Thai riots left some of ZudRangMa’s inventory in ashy ruins.) But just look at them:

You should've seen the entire stockroom floor...

You should've seen the entire stockroom floor...

They are basically a gift already wrapped, hot and ready to consume. Plus, they will leave a good taste in your ears, even long after the spice has simmered.

Order today:

V/A ZudRangMa Thai Funk Vol. 1

V/A ZudRangMa Thai Funk Vol. 2

V/A Luk Thung! The Roots of Thai Funk Vol. 3