New LITA Release | Gimmer Nicholson’s “Christopher Idylls”

It’s another exciting release week here at Light In The Attic. We’re thrilled to introduce the lost treasure that is Christopher Idylls by Gimmer Nicholson. Laid down in a series of intimate recording sessions at Ardent Studios with Terry Manning (Big Star, Led Zeppelin) and originally intended to be the first full-length LP on Ardent Records (later home to Big Star), Christopher Idylls is evocative and unusual. Its chiming guitars align it with the music of centuries past, while simultaneously giving it an ahead-of-its-time sound.
Fusing classical and folk music, Nicholson wove a tapestry of acoustic guitars modulated by delay pedals, layering sound upon sound, making this one of the first examples of electronic repeat. The result is an austere soundscape with an almost monastic tone.

For a preview of this intimate and ethereal acoustic guitar album, have a listen to the video below and check out full details here.