New LITA Release | The Family Of Apostolic


In 1968 New York City, John Townley, a member of The Magicians (a band you might recognize from the Nuggets albums) set up the Apostolic recording studio as a place for musicians to experiment and play, rather than just record and be done with it. Apostolic grew to be a label, a collective, even a state of mind. With its 12-track recorder, the studio attracted like-minded souls such as Frank Zappa, but the greatest example of this artistic community is the sprawling double LP The Family Of Apostolic.


A utopian album inspired by global cultures ranging from Pakistani folk songs to Scottish traditional music, it was made by a cast of 19. An experimental folk record at heart, the album achieves Townley’s desire for it to be “a natural happening… a very close, upfront, live feeling.” This latest reissue in our Vanguard Vault series remains to this day a mixed bag of out-there experimentation and wild, fuzzy gems.
Now up for preorder and available for immediate purchase April 15.

Have a listen to one of our favorite tracks from the album, “Did You Like The Party“:

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