New Release! | Karin Krog – “Don’t Just Sing”



Karin Krog is as axiomatically Norwegian as ludefisk– but much easier for outsiders to love. For over 5 decades, Ms. Krog has masterfully blended electronic manipulation, avant garde rock, and experimental pop jazz to make music that is supremely unique. It’s an honor to be presenting Don’t Just Sing: An Anthology 1963-1999, a concise, career-spanning anthology, curated with Ms. Krog’s own input. We just can’t get enough of her Bobby Gentry cover! Check it out below:



Says Pat Thomas, who masterminded this project,

Karin Krog is such a household name in Norway – that when I first met her in Oslo and made a deal to do this LITA compilation, the Norwegian Government did their own “news story” about our meeting.”


In the article, Thomas is quoted as saying,  that Karin Krog is “a diverse artist like Miles Davis was, constantly changing and reshaping her sound.”


If you happen to speak Norwegian, check out this detailed TV documentary about Krog for free on Euro-TV. The discussion is in Norwegian, but the vintage film clips, live performances
and photos are in the international language of music! (Plus, we’re working on getting an English sub-titled version– stay tuned!)


CD & LP of “Don’t Just Sing” available June 30th, digital June 16th, and preorder open now!