Noel Ellis 10-Year Anniversary Edition


“I were trying to achieve my OWN sound, eh? That’s what we were trying to do, achieve our OWN sound, and eventually we did. Them sounds are dangerous man… DANGEROUS!!!” - Jerry Brown, Summer Records

We are pleased to announce our special 10-year anniversary re-release of Noel Ellis‘s eponymous full-length! It’s a beloved release of ours from 2006 and Kanye West recently sampled the album on his Grammy-nominated single “All Day,” so we decided to give this dub-reggae gem some fresh love and bring it back!

For those unfamiliar, Noel Ellis is reggae royalty. His father, Alton Ellis, was the “Godfather of Rocksteady” and among the first big-hitter Jamaicans to bring reggae to Toronto, where there is now a vibrant West Indian community. Noel, who grew up in Jamaica steeped in reggae culture, followed his father to the electric atmosphere of Toronto in the 1970s, where he continued his reggae education at herb-enchanted basement parties.

This remarkable eponymous album was recorded for the legendary Summer Records under the brilliant leadership of label-founder Jerry Brown. A departure from Channel One and Barrington Levy, this record was part of a new Jamaican sound. Dubbed-up, heavy yet ethereal tracks feature contributions from Jackie Mittoo, Willi Williams, and Johnny Osbourne. The tracks are blessedly economical compared to the overproduced recordings of the day. Tasteful keys, varied percussion, essential echo, conquering dub changeovers, and Noel’s impeccable mic control give an otherworldly twist to Summer’s signature drum and bass sound. It is an end-to-end burner for midnight tokers and cool rulers alike.

This new edition features restored original album artwork, updated liner notes and archive photos, and is expanded to a Stoughton gatefold “tip-on” jacket.

Now available for preorder; available for purchase 3/4/16.

Listen to the track Kanye sampled, “Dance With Me,” in the preview below.
(Above photo: Beth Lesser)