Now Available! Overton Berry Trio “T.O.B.E. / At Seattle’s Doubletree Inn”!

We’re very excited to announce that yet another dream reissue project has finally come to fruition: a deluxe, double vinyl release of the Overton Berry Trio’s At Seattle’s Doubletree Inn and T.O.B.E.! Housed in a deulxe “tip-on” old school hand-numbered gatefold sleeve, these two highly sought after records by Seattle legend and Wheedle’s Groove star Overton Berry are finally available! Fully re-mastered audio with liner notes by Kurt B. Reighley, this limited edition pressing also comes with a download card for three previously unreleased tracks from the T.O.B.E. sessions.

Prominently featured on both of Light In The Attic’s Wheedle’s Groove releases and director Jennifer Maas’ Wheedle’s Groove documentary, the Overton Berry Trio and their transcendental interpretation of The Beatles’ “Hey Jude” (from At Seattle’s Doubletree Inn) is notorious amongst forward thinking DJ’s and record collectors the world-over. The T.O.B.E. album (especially the break-beat heavy “Jesus Christ Superstar”) has also piqued the radar of many a tastemaker and original copies are virtually extinct and prohibitively priced when available in record dealer’s crates or offered for sale on the web.

For audio samples and to order Overton Berry Trio T.O.B.E. / At Seattle’s Doubletree Inn click HERE!