Oh Boy Oh Boy

It’s October 2nd and all you lucky, LUCKY folk in Seattle, Washington are getting a booster shoot of adrenaline because oh boy oh boy,

It’s The-motherfucking-Blakes.

It’s the new album. It’s just over thirty minutes of good old fashion, blow back your hair, down a bottle of cheap whiskey-after-tongue-kissing-a-complete-stranger, pure rock-and-fucking-roll. Seattle, you’ve been handed a gift on a silver plate, so dig out twelve bucks and head on over to one of our great record stores and pick up a copy.

The rest of your sorry saps will have to wait until the 16th when this concentrated drop of ass-kicking smashes into the national market. It’s only two weeks little cherubs, we here at Light In The Attic understand your pain.

For the time being you can quell your shake by listening to this over and over and over again.

Oh yeah and let us not forget The Blakes will be celebrating their Seattle release with two, count ‘em TWO, pulse-pounding shows this coming Friday the 5th. First off will be an all ages jaunt with Light In The Attic labelmates The Saturday Knights at The Vera Project starting at 7:30, followed by a 21+ set at The Crocodile Cafe with opening sets by The Cops and Olympia’s own The Old Haunts. Both will rock, and rock hard. If you can’t make both, then you have to make one – we command you.

Pretty isn’t it?