Photograph by Hillary Harris

Saturday Knights are having a great fucking week if we don’t say so ourselves. Last Thursday, it was Pitchfork showing some much deserved love for the new album Mingle, which in turn set off a wildfire of news activity.

Well, not only has the good press continued (see below) but now director, Michael Maniglia and producer Nick Dale need your help! The Saturday Knights cut a bowling-themed video for their exemplary track “Motorin’”, and Dale and Maniglia are hard at work getting it in to festivals across the country. The Very Short Movie Festival is first on the agenda and they need you to head on over to this:


Register to Vote. Click on Festival Voting, Vote for Motorin’ in the Music Video Category and the 10 Minutes or Less Category.

and place your vote for “Motorin’”. It’ll take two seconds, and The Saturday Knights will personally come to your house and hug your mother for longer than seems comfortable.

What a bargain!

Here is the direct link for the video: http://www.veryshortmovies.com/onlineCategories.asp?nf=49&vid=173&pid=1&qtr=1&vlk=1&rev=1.

Also, The Saturday Knights are popping up in print all over the place. PARASITES AND SYCOPHANTS are excited as hell and they’re not ashamed to admit it.ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENON claims that TSK sounds like, “Iceberg Slim chopped with MC5″. A lofty description indeed!

Phew, it’s tiring being this loved.