One is the loneliest number…

In most situations.

For the music lovers of the great Northwest though, that is certainly not the case today, because one, just one, is the number of days that have to fade in to oblivion before B-U-M-B-E-R-S-H-O-O-T is upon us.

That means a mere 36 hours (and change) before you’ll be bobbing your head in time to The Saturday Knights on the Esurance Stage, Saturday at 4pm. And a mere 84 hours (give or take a few) before you’ll jumping for joy as The Blakes pound you in to submission with their blazing guitars at 2pm at the Sound Transit Stage on Monday.

One day my friends, one teensy-tiny little day.

It’s so close it hurts, but it’s the good kind of hurt. You know?