Our Favorite Blog’s of 2010 and BEYOND!

Wow, ever feel like all you do is read blogs? Well, that’s probably all you ever do…that’s all we ever do, at least. I mean, seriously, this shit is gettin’ serious (hence the need for a blog gang sign!). Thank heavens though there are some pretty stellar ones kickin’ around, constantly turning us on to weird videos, records, art, design, books, food, and all the rest. Here’s a short list of some of some of the blogs that kept us coming back all year long. See ya again in 2011!

Random Ramblings of the Musical Mind – John Hampton

John is a very good engineer / producer (and turns out a great writer) based out of Memphis, TN. He works a lot at Ardent Recording Studios (where he’s produced and mixed records by The White Stripes, The Cramps, Alex Chilton, Gin Blossoms, etc). My favorite post of his this year was on Alex Chilton’s passing. Lot’s of people wrote about the man, but John knew him. Read about it HERE!

Aquarium Drunkard –  Justin Gage

Justin writes his little gem of a blog from the City of Angels! Really great and in-depth articles and tons of daily “look what I founds” that are dope! Also, check out the weekly, two hour, Aquarium Drunkard Show Fridays on SIRIUS/XM satellite radio’s XMU (channel 26), and XM radio (channel 43). Noon-2pm EST. Favorite post this year is, of course, the one on Jim Sullivan. Check it HERE!

Pacific-Standard – Strath Shepard

Many of you may know Strath from his insanely good graphic design work on all Light In The Attic releases and various swag. Somehow, in between the 100th revision of an LP sleeve with us, he finds time to write this design-centric blog. Very fun to just poke around and go through the archives on this one. Great job Strath, now where are the designs for those Rodriguez Slap Bracelets we were talking about???

Waxidermy – Various Contributors

The blog that brought you bonerz and a shit ton of private press gems, in 2010 Waxidermy continued to blow our minds and fill up our hard drives with records that left most of our friends concerned for our mental well-being. They also have a list of excellent links/blogs HERE. On a side note, shit did get out of hand on eBay this year with every seller key-wording their listings with Waxidermy jargon but hey, it’s still an essential blog.

American Standard Time – Greg Vandy

American Standard Time is run by Greg Vandy of KEXP and is an extension of the radio show The Roadhouse. It’s got a whole mess of radio playlists, video content, interview and info on bands. A great place to see what’s happening in the greater Seattle area. Check out the radio show every Wednesday from 6-9pm PST on KEXP, 90.3FM on your radio dial in the greater Seattle area, and anytime at KEXP.org out on the internet.

Democracy For The Cartoons – Drew Christie

Drew is a super talented artist, illustrator and film maker and this is his super cool blog. You’ve probably seen the work he’s done with us many times–The two past LITA zine covers, the vinyl LP inserts that come with our records, tote bags, and so much more. Smart, funny, and lots of cartoons. Keep it up, Drew!

The Selvedge Yard – Jon Patrick

Patrick’s beau Jeannine just turned us onto this one. TSY is a blog so consuming that you may lose hours or even days ready it. TSY focuses mainly on vintage American male culture–motorcycles, customized vans, vintage sexy bachelor pads, inspired fashion and so much more. It also is a treasure trove photo ephemera. Check it out, you won’t regret it.