Our Favorite Things | 2015



Continuing the grand Light In The Attic tradition, below are our favorite things from the past year.



Stephanie Weiss, Publicist

  1. Getting married to Joey
  2. 2 night stay at the San Ysidro Ranch Oak Grove Cottage (Heaven on earth. JFK had his honeymoon here)
  3. Getting hired at LITA in June
  4. Traveling to Rome & Barcelona for my honeymoon
  5. Endless tapas at La Fuerta in Barcelona
  6. Morning Cappuccinos at Bar Cappuccino in Rome
  7. Visiting the The Roman Forum
  8. Emailing with Nardwuar The Human Serviette about a Willie Thrasher interview
  9. This Record Belongs To ___
  10. Willie Thrasher – Spirit Child
  11. Lizzy Mercier DesclouxPress Color named Best New Reissue at Pitchfork
  12. Various press/marketing accomplishments



Henry Owings, Official Pixel Shuffler/Vector Tightener

(Dear reader, most of these are bands or comps, not porn…)

  1. Pinecones
  2. Wayne Rogers for President
  3. Destroy All Art
  4. Screature
  5. Mutual Jerk
  6. Honey Radar
  7. Salad Boys
  8. Uniform (both NY and GA iterations)
  9. Deep in the Throat of Texas
  10. Spray Paint


Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 3.59.32 PM

Willa Goettling, warehouse/administration

  1. Getting paid as an illustrator for the first time/helping create an interactive kids book app.
  2. Going on my first West Coast tour with my band, Dozer!
  3. Road-tripping around the East Coast and Midwest with one of my best friends.
  4. Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl book talk at the Neptune with Carrie Browstein. And reading her book.
  5. Volunteering at Hollow Earth Radio and hosting my own radio show for the first time!
  6. Discovering Phoebe Wahl‘s art and zines.
  7. Joining Darto
  8. Reading Simone de Beauvoir’s Ethics Of Ambiguity.
  9. Listening to lots of Carole King
  10. Making Savory Pie



Jack Sills, Licensing 


Jon Treneff, retail

  1. Stockholm, Gotland, Amsterdam
  2. Maki Asakawa – Honest Jon‘s reissue thing
  3. Jonathan Richman in the ’80’s
  4. Going to NOLA for the first time
  5. Going to Austin for the first time
  6. Spreading the gospel via the kid’s comp / turntable
  7. Cutting down a Christmas tree
  8. Getting back into John Fahey
  9. Turning into an uncle
  10. Living with a girl
  11. Living with a cat
  12. Censorship Now! by Ian Svenonius.
  13. Yoroshiku Ramen


Seth Warren, Warehouse/LITA Shop

  1. Brad Tilbe
  2. Len playing Bieber in the warehouse
  3. Analog Africa Records
  4. Cubist Blues
  5. LITA growing up and up!
  6. Brian Wilson and Rodriguez at Benroya
  7. The handful of super savvy, sexy LITA Shop regulars (you know who y’all are)
  8. L.A. Team field trip up to Seattle
  9. Matt and Josh living the dream and letting us jam in it
  10. New 52 DC Comics trade paperbacks from the library, especially Batman & Robin by Grant Morrison



Lydia Hyslop, Girl Friday

  1. Connie Converse
  2. Oxford Film Festival
  3. Domilise’s Po-Boys
  4. Honey Child
  5. Savannah, GA
  6. Cucumber Honeydew Jalapeno gazpacho
  7. Barbara Lynn at LITA summer show
  8. Riding a horse named Starsky to a mexican restaurant
  9. Gotland, Sweden
  10. Amsterdam, NE
  11. ABBA museum, STHLM



Pat Thomas, A&R

  1. Finally getting Carole King’s The City album released, 5 years after we first started on it
  2. Having dinner with Karin Krog in New York City
  3. Visiting The Band’s “Big Pink” house near Woodstock and taking the obligatory photo
  4. Going another year without buying or downloading anything from iTunes
  5. Still not listening to anything Taylor Swift or U2 recorded recently
  6. Loving the ORK Records (2 CD) box set released by the Numero Group
  7. Wishing I had money for the 18 CD Dylan box set
  8. Welcoming maverick publicist Stephanie Weiss into the LITA family
  9. Crying like a baby when LITA queen Lydia Hyslop broke up with us
  10. Getting Greg Sage of The Wipers to answer my phone call



Grant Olsen, Producer, Film/Broadcast

  1. Bambinos No.1 & No.2
  2. Hubble Space Telescope’s Picture of the Week 
  3. NOAA’s Deep Sea Videos (Crinoids!)
  4. Dublab
  5. The Alice Gallery
  6. Jim O’Rourke’s - Simple Songs
  7. French Onion Soup
  8. Maria Popova
  9. Robert Wyatt
  10. Pattern & Shape



Matt Sullivan, Founder/Co-Owner

  1. Arlo “Party Time” Sullivan ‎– January 25, 2015
  2. D’Angelo ‎– Black Messiah + show (Club Nokia, Los Angeles, June 8, 2015) + this interview
  3. Daniel Patrick Quinn ‎– West To The Irish Sea (Wee Black Skelf)
  4. The Black Angels – demos of forthcoming full length due in 2016
  5. V/A ‎– Sherwood At The Controls Volume 1: 1979 – 1984 (On-U Sound)
  6. “12 Angry Men” ‎– Inside Amy Schumer (Comedy Central)
  7. Lost Heroes & Miniature Histories of Los Angeles, Volume Two by Sam Sweet (All Night Menu)
  8. Dam-Funk ‎– Invite The Light (Stones Throw)
  9. Low Down: Junk, Jazz, and Other Fairy Tales from Childhood by A.J. Albany (Tin House Books)
  10. Barbara Lynn ‎– Summer Spectacular, Seattle, August 15, 2015
  11. George Shea ‎– Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, Coney Island, NY, July 4, 2015
  12. Bob Dylan ‎– The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11 (Sony Legacy)



Jackie Allen, Social Media & Digital Marketing

  1. Joanna Newsom – Divers
  2. Amy Schumer
  3. My beautiful rental harp!
  4. The Leftovers | Best and weirdest show on TV.
  5. Therapy!
  6. The Spice Station | A beautiful little shop with every spice you could dream of, right in Silver Lake
  7. The Scream franchise (How had I not seen them till now?!)
  8. D’Angelo – Black Messiah, plus seeing him live 
  9. Launching the LITA Podcast
  10. Piano, music theory, and harp lessons



Yosuke Kitazawa, Mechanical Licensing

  1. Bob Dylan – The Cutting Edge | The bard continues to amaze with some new 50 year old music.
  2. The Velvet Underground – The Matrix Tapes | Still love them after all these years.
  3. Ork Records: New York New York | This great Numero Group release reminds me of listening to the ’90s Rhino “DIY” series.
  4. Kamasi Washington – The Epic | After seeing him live multiple times, it’s great to hear him on record.
  5. Maki Asakawa | Finally, her work is available outside of Japan thanks to Honest Jon’s.
  6. Trip to Japan | Record stores, retro cafes, Jim O’Rourke at Super Deluxe, etc. — while spreading LITA love with Matt.
  7. Haruomi Hosono | The prolific and varied solo career of the Happy End/YMO maestro is all kinds of amazing.
  8. Nightmare Before Christmas live at the Hollywood Bowl | My 13 year-old self would’ve been thrilled to see this.
  9. Rocco & His Brothers | Thanks to Cinefamily for showing this great Luchino Visconti film.
  10. LAtitudes: An Angeleno’s Atlas | A must read for L.A. history nerds.



Michael Wells, Operations

  1. Destroyer – Poison Season (thanks for the tip, Jon!)
  2. Elvis Costello autobiography – Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink
  3. D’Angelo – The new(ish) album and his interview with Tavis Smiley, check it out
  4. The Chills - Silver Bullets (one of my favorite bands of all time returns – thanks Martin Phillips!)
  5. Allen Klein bio – Fred Goodman’s a great writer who also penned The Mansion on the Hill, a book you need to read
  6. Patti Smith – M Train
  7. The brand spankin’ new Light In The Attic Website!
  8. Disneyland with my kids :-)
  9. Jodorowsky’s Dune – the film and the LP, so amazing and so ahead of his time
  10. Watching 17,500 people play air guitar and air drums at the Rush show!


Morgan Chosnyk, Orders


  • That time I sewed a picture of Bill Murray


  1. That time my little sis came to visit and we took the most stereotypical Seattle picture ever


  1. That time I wore an otter costume on stage at Neumos


  1. That time I joined a bowling league called the “David Bowlie League” and then promptly got a 178 high score


  1. That time I quit smoking and then ran a 5K


  1. That time my boyfriend and I were the creepiest people at the Halloween party


  1. ​That time I went to the Twin Peaks festival and got a sweet pic in the Red Room


  1. That time I did the costume contest at the Twin Peaks Festival and dressed as Jerry Horne’s Smoked Cheese Pig


  1. That time I won the caption contest at the Twin Peaks Fest and won some sweet sweet swag


  1. Aaaaand that time I got a picture as Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic on the exact beach from Twin Peaks



Top that 2016!