It’s September 30th and we here at good old Light In The Attic are releasing a small run of our newest, strangest reissue.  The full story is after the jump, but lets just say this, Stephen John Kalinich was an aspiring poet/gas station attendee who befriended The Beach Boys in the late-60s. Mr. Kalinich actually ended up penning a few lyrics for both The Beach Boys and Dennis Wilson’s recently reissued solo project.  This album, A World Of Peace Must Come, recorded in 1969 was the product of a single evening in the basement of Brian Wilson’s Malibu studio (including a song recorded in the bathroom).  The album, a scathing portrait of the 1960s painted in strokes of spoken word, was then promptly lost for 20 years, rediscovered and is now being reissued by us nearly forty years after its creation.  It is at times beautiful, at times bizarre, and a precise capturing of the moment in time that was the end of the 1960s.

This has never before been released in any format.

Here’s the single, “Be Still” (Brian Wilson is the man saying “Hi Steve” at the beginning):

Stephen John Kalinich – Be Still

And here’s a link to the rest of the story.

Purchase A World of Peace Must Come here.