We’ve had these pics cooling on a burner for a while now and we wish that we could argue that we were building suspense or leading you on string by delightful string, but no, we just hadn’t gotten around to them.  Nonetheless, our man Sipreano put together quite an event and we couldn’t be happier to showcase the photographic memories of it.

Take it away Sipreano.

MOODS for the New Industrial State:
April 5, 2009, The Ossington

After finishing up past 3 am, another MOODS event ran smoothly. This edition was a special listening session for Doug Randle’s “Songs For The New Industrial State” CD/digital reissue and we were honoured to not only have Doug in the house, but co-vocalist Laurie Bower (Billy Van Singers, Mutual Understanding, Laurie Bower Singers) on hand to review, as the back of the album states, “songs for and about the time we live in.” The Ossington venue in downtown Toronto was filled with a dedicated and appreciative audience of friends, friendly faces, and family (including JA/TDOT’s The Mighty Pope, and CDN SSW legend Fergus Hambleton). Post-LP listen, MOODS co-host Robert Dayton (aka DJ Body Beautiful, Canned Hamm) conducted a terrific little Q&A with Doug who regaled us with stories of jamming with Duke Ellington, the craft of writing, and battling his own personal demons. At 81 years-of-age, Doug is a true inspiration to us all. Thanks for the music. You’ve made our world a better place to be in.



SFTNIS co-lead vocalist Laurie Bower w/ Doug Randle

MOODS co-host Robert Dayton (aka DJ Body Beautiful) and Doug Randle

songwriter/musician Fergus Hambleton at MOODS

JA/TDOT’s Earle “The Mighty Pope” Heedram at MOODS