We’re back and we’re full of information that you probably don’t care about. Tsk tsk for being haters.


If you’re reading this page right now, you’re probably a fan of the mix tape. You know the artfully crafted compilation of songs you make as a cheapskate present for your girlfriend’s birthday (or is that just us?). If you’re like us, after spending too many hours puttering away on the perfect track listing all you want to do is show it off to everyone possible, bragging all the while. Well your time has come.

Our good friend Eric, he who runs New World Record in Buffalo, NY, has just started up a brand new website, MyMixTape.org which allows you to build and share your own little mixtapes for the whole fucking world to see. Seriously, you build it, you theme it (if that’s your style) and you expose your delicate musical tastes to the world. Hell, you can even link the songs to I-Tunes so everyone can enjoy your tracks as much as you. Check. It. Out.


We can’t say it enough, our good pals The Cops are a kick-ass live show. Seriously, even if they aren’t supplying The Saturday Knights with guitar-rock support, these guys turn the amps up to eleven (if you know what we mean). The High Dive is a surprisingly intimate (not that this show will be described with that word) setting to see a concert and if you don’t leave this one fist permanently pumped, ears slightly bloodied, with one hell of a shit-eater plastered on your mug, well, maybe you forgot to take your ear plugs out.

Oh, and for you cheap fuckers who can’t bother with “expensive” concerts: it’s eight bucks for three bands. Go.