Mmmmmmmm, crispy fried bits.


If you’re a fan of well-written stories about contemporary schmoes doing contemporary things, Nick Hornsby should be on your radar. Author of High Fidelity (a must read and see for music geeks), Hornsby is a snarky Brit who loves soccer, a lot of good music, and consuming beer (did I mention he was British). For the last three years or so, Hornsby has been writing a column called “Stuff I’ve Read” for glorious literary magazine The Believer, chronicling just that, the shit he’s purchased and read over the course of the month. Sure, this seems nerdy, maybe even boring, but we implore you, check this book out. Hornsby’s observations on the state of literature and reading in general are insightful, hilarious, and oft times off-color (and we know you love off-color!). It’s unbelievable how inspiring Hornsby is when it comes to reading. So inspiring that we’ve decided to re-read our entire collection of Betty Boop shorts from the 1930s in their entirety! Thank you Mr. Hornsby!

It’s a quick read, and if doesn’t get your reading jones pulsing like a meth-head’s heart then maybe you should flip on Rock of Love 2. We hear that Brett Michaels is mighty dreamy.


Everyone’s always talking about how much they hate the Nazi’s and you know we subscribe to Nazi-hating just as much as anyone else.  But seriously, you know what other German’s need some dislike slung their way?  The East Germans from before the Berlin Wall fell, because those guys were some creativity crushing sons-of-bitches.  A point beautifully highlighted in the absolutely amazing (if not a wee long in the tooth) The Lives of Others.  This beautifully acted and directed follows a mid-ranked surveillance office for the GDR (those damned East Germans) as he follows the lives of a beautiful actress and her might-be-revolutionary play wright of a husband.  Beautiful, tragic, even heroic at times this is an amazing movie and one you should most definitely seek out.

JANUARY 29th 2008

Winter Break is over.  Anybody else in Seattle salivating already?