RANDOM BITS 4.25.2008

We stirred these bits in what we thought was high quality dairy juice this week, but it turns out it was spoiled and slightly chunky.  Thus, we apologize for the crack pot nature of these suggestions.  Luckily, we pride ourselves on our crack pot supporters, so we know you’ll enjoy!

One serving of bits, coming right up.


Oh man, TV and Film Guru Sandy sent this over to us and if a fellatio-happy, slang-spoutin’, green ball of clay doesn’t make you chuckle, then sir or madam, that a way is the door.

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HOME LAND by Sam Lipsyte

We can’t really explain the draw to this book.  It’s dirty and hilarious and absolutely true to life (sometimes).  The main characters name is Teabag (yes, that kind of teabag) and his cavalcade of insulting addresses to his high school alumni newspaper made us laugh out loud, many many many many times.  It’s a grand, quick read, and we think anyone who’s graduated from high school (and for those who haven’t, keep trying!) will enjoy it.  Well, unless you went to public school, and then we recommend finger painting and comic books!

Thanks for reading!