It’s been a while since we’ve shown our Random Bits, but we’ve been hankering for some exposure, so here we go, a few tasty tid, er, bits, to tide you over for the weekend.

R.I.P. NO DEPRESSION 1995-2008


With the onset of digital, well, everything it’s a scary time to be a publisher of a physical magazine. Sales are down, kids aren’t heading out to buy magazines, and we’re starting to lose some of the best. Case in point: No Depression, a bastion for well-written, thoughtful pieces on this wild world of music we all love, is closing it’s doors after thirteen years. Kyla Fairchild, co-owner of No Depression and (for you Seattlites reading) Hattie’s Hat, had this to say:

Dear Friends:

Barring the intercession of unknown angels, you hold in your hands the next-to-the-last edition of No Depression we will publish. It is difficult even to type those words, so please know that we have not come lightly to this decision.

In the thirteen years since we began plotting and publishing No Depression, we have taken pride not only in the quality of the work we were able to offer our readers, but in the way we insisted upon doing business. We have never inflated our numbers; we have always paid our bills (and, especially, our freelancers) on time. And we have always tried our best to tell the truth.

Kyla has always done us well here, and if you’d like to read the full reasoning behind this tragic decision, you can head right HERE.

Kyla, and the rest, we will certainly miss you.


Our good friends over at Band In Boston, Andy and Jen, passed along a nice little debut album from a Boston-based band called Township. It’s a nice little throwback band that brings some hefty drum beats, devastating guitar explosions, and some Who-style vocals and we’re just as happy as clams to give them a little love. Andy and Jen, both fantastic people who’s many websites are some of the cooler things out there, are getting married in a few, and the boys from Township will be their wedding band. Hopefully, “Baby Rock Me” will be their first dance. Congrats Andy and Jen! And thanks for the awesome recommendation.

SACRED GAMES by Vikram Chandra

A little preamble to old Sacred Games – it’s a 900 page book about gangsters in Bombay. Nonetheless, the length nor the subject matter should not push you away from this absolutely amazing (top 20 of all time) piece of fiction. Chandra manages to draw you in for each and every word of this tome of literature, drawing you in to the fascinating worlds of cops, gangsters, politicians, and everyone else in the most corrupt place in the world. Yes, it’s a hefty brick ‘o’ readin’, but oh man, powering through it will be so worth your while. Books, check ‘em out.


A video by one of our favorite bands here at Light In The Attic. It does involve ass-branding and steak eating. You’ve been warned.

Sissy New Age Cowboy by Brent Amaker and the Rodeo

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