Rare Library synth trip – Sven Libaek “Solar Flares” LP

Just out today, an excellent release in the Library synth/exotica vein, is Sven Libaek’s Solar Flares LP from 1974 reissued here for the first time by Votary Disk. Fresh from recording the legendary Inner Space soundtrack, Solar Flares is an amazing library recording for Peer International UK. Possibly best described as the companion piece to Inner Space, a polar vision in which this time the themes were inspired by the far reaches of ‘Outer Space’.

A pioneering recording that featured the Australian designed synthesizer, the Qaser (shown above), which was a prototype of the first digital sampler, the Fairlight CMI. Although recorded in Sydney, it only saw a limited library issue in the UK and has since become a highly collectible LP. Expect Libaek’s trademark sound of sublime spacey jazz exotica. Featuring Australia’s finest studio and jazz musicians. This reissue has newly remastered audio and a deluxe LP jacket with new notes and liner notes with vintage photos.

For audio samples and to order, wiggle on over here!