Record Store Day 2011 – The Black Angels “Another Nice Pair” !!!

Record Store Day 2011 (Yo! April 16th! Get with it!) is shaping up to be the best yet. There are literally hundreds of limited edition releases hitting record stores across the globe. Unfortunately for us, many of these releases we can’t seem to live without (Big Star Third test pressing box, Flaming Lips Heady Nuggs box, etc). I guess it’s Ramen and Natural Ice for the next month! Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Just like previous years, we have some heavy awesomeness for this year’s RSD:

The Black Angels Another Nice Pair (LITA 066)

Collecting The Black Angels’ first two EPs on a single disc, Another Nice Pair is as limited, cool and righteous as it gets. Presented as a vinyl “double EP,” the A side (The Black Angels EP) includes key tracks from the critically acclaimed debut album Passover in addition to the non-album jam “Winter ’68.” The B side flip presents the original Black Angel Exit EP which was available only as a limited edition bonus EP for those who pre-ordered the band’s sophomore Directions To See A Ghost LP. This side also includes tracks that were available only as bonus material on the limited edition 3-LP version of Directions To See A Ghost, in addition to the iTunes exclusive “Black Angel Exit/Shine,” and a ripping cover of Black Mountain’s “No Satisfaction.”

In case you need more encouragement!:

  • RECORD STORE DAY EXCLUSIVE (Go support your local record store!!)
  • First time collection of the band’s first two EPs & First time on vinyl!
  • Unique “Double EP” with original artwork and limited promo insert
  • Limited edition pressing on RED VINYL with “Old-Style/Tip-On” sleeve
  • Download card included
  • Original artwork by founding member/guitarist Christian Bland
  • 100 inserts SIGNED BY THE BAND will be randomly packed through the pressing!