Record Store Day 2016


We’re thrilled to finally reveal our carefully curated list of 2016 Record Store Day releases! Visit your local record shop on April 16th to check out:

  • The definitive 40th anniversary edition box set of outlaw country documentary soundtrack Heartworn Highways,
  • A 45 of two unreleased songs from bizarro outsider sister act The Shaggs,
  • A reissue of Detroit power rock trio Third Power‘s album Believe,
  • Our attic-find of the inimitable TV star Joan Koplan, perfoming in her teens as Tiger Joanie Scott
  • And, of course, the annual Light In The Attic zine!

In addition to our official LITA RSD releases, the LITA Record Shop in Seattle will be carrying fifteen official Record Store Day titles. We’ve included our top five in this here newsletter. Check the blog for a full rundown.

Happy RSD, y’all!


Heartworn Highways


“I’ve seen this probably a hundred times - still makes my liver hurt.” - Father John Misty

“One of the richest films about music ever made.” - Colin Greenwood (Radiohead)

“Essential viewing.” - Mark Lanegan

As we announced earlier this year, our Heartworn Highways 40th Anniversary Edition Box Set is one of our most lavish and thoroughly archival releases to date! We’re so excited to enrich music lovers’ experience of this ’76 cult classic outlaw country documentary, and to do so in such a stylish way.

Each set come housed in a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted wooden box, and contains:

  • a double LP of the film’s remarkable soundtrack on whiskey-colored wax,
  • a DVD of the original film,
  • a reproduction of the original movie poster,
  • and a beautifully written 80-page archival book featuring many never-before-seen photos.

Limited to 1,000 copies, this release will fully immerse you in the whiskey-fueled, honky-tonk world of Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, David Allan Coe, Larry Jon Wilson, Steve Young, Steve Earle and all the rest of the gang.

To learn more about Heartworn Highways and this very special release, click here or watch the trailer by clicking the button below.


The Shaggs


A grandmother’s prophecy, a driven father, three unassuming sisters, one cat named Foot-Foot, and perhaps the greatest outsider album of all time… Welcome to the bizarre and wonderful world of The Shaggs.

In 1968, New Hampshire sisters Dot, Betty and Helen Wiggins strapped on their instruments and started a rock band at their father’s insistence. You see, Grandma Wiggins had foretold that her granddaughters would be make it big. Mr. Wiggins wouldn’t stop till it was so.

The Shaggs, both loved and maligned for playing their instrument less than deftly, released one album, Philosophy Of The World, which now ranks among the most polarizing LPs of all time. Some said it was the worst thing ever made. Frank Zappa famously dubbed it “better than The Beatles.” Later, its cult appeal snowballed: it was referenced in Empire Records, Deerhoof have cited it as an influence, and Kurt Cobain named it his fifth favorite of all time.

To the uninitiated, the discordant vocals, childlike lyrics, slightly out-of-tune guitars, and slightly out-of-step drum-thumping might sound like a hot mess, but to fans, this is outsider gold.

Our Record Store Day 7″ (limited to 3,000 copies worldwide) features two previously unreleased tracks, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg! Our full archival reissue of Philosophy Of The World will follow later in the year, so stay tuned.

These two songs were personally selected by Terry Adams of NRBQ from the incredible Shaggs archive. NRBQ were the guys who turned the world on to the Shaggs in the first place.

Full details on this release here.

Third Power


Third Power were a power trio on Vanguard Records during its short-lived but memorable sortie into the realm of Detroit’s “high energy” rock milieu of the late 1960s. Equal parts Cream, Hendrix and Detroit rama-lama, Third Power’s lone album for Vanguard, Believe, stands as one of the more memorable long-players from the scene that begat MC5, The Stooges, Frost and others.

Frequently bootlegged, our definitive reissue not only sports superior mastering from the original master tapes, but also almost a dozen bonus tracks, including their 1968 non-LP single, seven studio outtakes and two storming on-location live recordings from the Grande Ballroom. Heavily illustrated liner notes tell the story of the Third Power and the LP is pressed on red wax!

Click the button below to listen to a preview of one of our favorite tracks from the album, ”Lost In A Daydream.”

Full details on this release here.

Tiger Joanie Scott


Sometimes here at LITA we have to pinch ourselves because our jobs are just too cool. Last year, several of us became obsessed with a strange little reality TV show on AMC called Small Town Security. The show follows the goings on at a small private security firm, called JJK Security, that is run by husband and wife team Irwin and Joan Koplan in small-town Georgia. Far from avid reality TV fans, we were surprised at how hard we fell in love with the larger-than-life, adorable, hilarious, off-beat characters of Small Town Security. When it was revealed that the show’s boisterous matriarch Joan had had a brief singing career in the 60s, we sniffed a project. After much daydreaming, we finally mustered up the guts to give JJK a call. And they answered. And they wanted to work with us! And we flipped out. Imagine calling Cheers in real life and having Sam or Diane answer the phone.

As we mentioned, Joan Koplan, heart of the show and head of JJK, is an actress, singer, and public access TV host. She’s a cigar smoking, hard-talking, wisecracking woman with smudged eyeliner and bright red lipstick. Out of sheer love for this hilarious diva, we are tickled to offer a special limited edition 7″ single of Tiger Joanie Scott‘s covering a couple of classics.

Click the button below to check out Joanie’s cover of The Four Tops’ ”Baby I Need Your Lovin.”

Record Store Day Distro Titles

Blaze Foley - Duct Tape Messiah OST (Elite Records)


“He’s only gone crazy once. Decided to stay. I am proud to call Blaze my friend.” - Townes Van Zandt

“Blaze Foley was a genius and a beautiful loser.” – Lucinda Williams

Elite Records presents a tribute to Texas folk musician Blaze Foley. Known for his straight-forward and genuine songwriting, Foley is admired not only by leading American Folk musicians like Nelson and Haggard, but also by independent artists like Kings Of Leon-singer Caleb Followill. This special release is the soundtrack to a documentary about Foley’s troubled, too-short life entitled Duct Tape Messiah. Comprised of fourteen carefully selected songs, the album gives insight into every phase of Foley’s career. First time ever on vinyl; limited to 1000 copies; includes a DVD of the documentary.


Goblin - La Via Della Droga (AMS Records)


From AMS Records, we’ve got Goblin’s cult classic score to the crime drama La Via Della Droga (aka The Heroine Busters or Dealer Connection). This first-ever vinyl edition comes with new artwork, a poster, reproductions of flyers and lobby cards from the film, and is printed on white wax. It includes tracks that have never been heard outside the movie theater for a total of over 34 cuts. A hidden gem.


Bert Jansch - Black Birds Of Brittany (Earth Recordings)


From Earth Recordings, we have a Bert Jansch 7″. Originally released as part of a split single with Shirley Collins, 1979’s ‘Black Birds Of Brittany’ was recorded, somewhat unsurprisingly, around the same time as Bert’s paean to ornithology, Avocet. Paired with the previously unreleased ‘Cuckoo,’ these two tracks are a perfect companion to the beautifully orchestral, experimental Avocet. Limited to 1000 copies worldwide.


The Summer Hits - Beaches and Canyons (Medical Records)


Medical Records presents a reissue of a very special collection of singles by California’s The Summer Hits. The Summer Hits formed in the early 90s hailing from southern California with roots firmly planted in the sun and sand. Taking influence from 60s psych rock and late 80s bands such as Loop and Spacemen 3, The Summer Hits (with the aid of copious mind-altering substances) forged their own brand of art-damaged distorted yet endearingly melodic fuzz pop. They released a number of 7” records on various small labels during the 90s picking up a west coast cult following before disbanding in the late 90s. Now, for the first time, this peculiar yet crucial compilation gets the vinyl reissue it so badly deserves. Though all the tracks have a definite DIY and lo-fi aesthetic, they are unmistakably mesmerizing. Presented on two-tone brown and black vinyl along with a bonus flexi disc.


The Bevis Frond - Miasma (Fire America)


From Fire America Records, originally self-released by underground legend Nick Saloman and limited to just 500 copies, the debut from The Bevis Frond marked the beginning of a highly influential career in underground British neo-psych-rock. Armed with a four-track portastudio, the success of 1986’s “Miasma” saw it unexpectedly sell-out quickly with a repress not far behind. Sounding as bracing today as it did then, it collects some of Saloman’s finest songs.

Hailed as “a Hendrix devotee every bit as tough and contemporary as the serrated guitar chorales of Sonic Youth and Pixies,” by Rolling Stone’s David Fricke, Saloman’s immense psych-stoner-rock has seen him become a cult figure in his own right. The Bevis Frond’s legion of loyal fans includes Teenage Fanclub, Dinosaur Jr and Mary Lou Lord, who have all covered his music. Limited in to only 500 copies, printed on transparent royal blue wax, and featuring extensive bonus tracks available via download.


Full List Of Record Store Day Distro Titles We’ll Be Carrying

  1. Goblin – La Via Della Droga OST
  2. Goblin – Suspiria/Blind Concert
  3. Bert Jansch – Colours Are Fading Fast (feat Loren Auerbach)
  4. Bert Jansch – Black Birds Of Brittany / Cuckoo
  5. Blaze Foley – Duct Tape Messiah OST
  6. Giant Sand – The Sun Set: Volume One
  7. The Bevis Frond – Miasma
  8. The Bevis Frond – Inner Marshland
  9. Locust – Morning Light
  10. The Summer Hits – Beaches And Canyons
  11. Armando Sciascia – Impressions In Rhythm And Sound
  12. Fabio Fabor/Armando Sciascia – Infini
  13. Marcom Lockyer & Bill McGuffie – DR. WHO AND THE DALEKS and 1966 DALEKS: INVASION EARTH 2150 A.D.
  14. Wojciech Kilar – The Ninth Gate OST