Podcast Trivia RSD Giveaway!

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In honor of our brand spankin’ new LITA Podcast and because so many of y’alls have been asking where you can get Shogun Assassin and Teatro now that RSD has passed, we’re holding a trivia contest based on Episode 1 of the podcast so we can give a few copies out for free! For a chance to win Shogun or Teatro, listen to the podcast and answer the below trivia questions + a bonus question in an email to SOCIAL@LIGHTINTHEATTIC.NET (Hint- there’s one question per segment):

  1. Shogun: What track from the Shogun soundtrack did we preview a snippet of on the podcast (not the song that’s playing in the movie trailer)?
  2. Teatro: In how many days was Teatro recorded?
  3. The Zine: Which LITA ‘wordsmith’ coined the term “Behind The Bulb”?
  4. In a fight to the death between Lone Wolf (the shogun’s assassin) and Willie Nelson, who would win and how?

You must answer the 3 trivia questions correctly to qualify and then out of those who qualify, we’ll pick our top 3 favorite creative responses to question 4 as the winners, who can then request either Shogun or Teatro as their prize! And each winner will receive a complimentary LITA zine.

Put in them earbuds and have a listen to the podcast in the audio player below, on iTunes, at this link, or on our SoundCloud or YouTube pages.