Record Store of the Week | Dead Wax Records (Carrollton, TX)


This week’s record store feature takes us to the Lone Star state – Carrollton, TX to be precise, where Dead Wax Records has shaken up the preconceptions of what a suburban record store can be. We spoke with Brad Sigler, the evil genius behind one of the most exciting new shops in the region, about the return of brick ‘n mortar shops, Vanilla Ice, and civic inferiority complexes.


1. Tell us a little about Dead Wax.  How did you get started?   What’s it like to have a record store in Carrollton, TX?

I’ve been working in record stores in Dallas since 1984. Never stopped buying vinyl, even after CDs hit. When vinyl stores started shuttering in the 90s, I started selling more at record shows and then the internet and now it’s all come full circle – back to the brick ‘n mortar! Carrollton is very suburban, so a lot of our customers come from downtown Dallas and Denton. There’s really nothing close to us, 25 miles in any direction.

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2. Do you find the culture there is kind of unique in terms of the used stuff you see coming through and what you’re selling regularly?  What are people generally selling and buying?

We’re starting to see more 90s to 00s albums being brought in to sell, less classic rock. Our customer base is pretty young and primarily buys reissue post-punk, minimal synth and new wave. Psych and progressive vinyl has slowed a little, but we’re starting to see more older collectors who want 60s and 70s bands on vinyl.

3. Do good records regularly walk in the door or do you have to go out and find them?

With more stores popping up and the media hyping  that “vinyl is back!”, it’s getting tougher to find decent used stuff.

4. Do you have a record that will sell/people will inquire about every time you put it on?

Jacco Gardner ‘Cabinet Of Curiosities’. Never fails to grab hold of someone.

5. What is the coolest/weirdest/most prized record that’s come into the store that you never thought you’d see?

Probably the Johnny Cash “Get Rhythm” from Third Man on colored vinyl. Only 150 made.


6. What’s the best thing about living in/having a record store in Carrollton?

It’s less hectic than downtown Dallas, but I miss the foot traffic that comes with that.

7. Any famous or semi-famous locals who frequent the shop?  Does Vanilla Ice come in a lot?

Van Winkle doesn’t visit the “mean streets” of Carrollton anymore.


8. How’s the scene in Carrollton these days?  Anything you can turn us on to?

I like Pinkish Black, The Boom Boom Box and Nervous Curtains (and not just because I have friends in some of those bands!). All three bands take post-punk & minimal synth and put their own spin on those genres. Exciting live acts, as well!

9. What’s your favorite LITA release and why?

P.I.L. ‘First Issue’. Just a fantastic package. Even the old dudes who owned the original pressing of that broke down and picked it up. Best it’s ever sounded, IMO. The Lee Hazlewood reissues aren’t far behind.

10. Are Dallas people still better than Ft. Worth people?

I give my Ft. Worth friends a hard time, but the truth is that it’s become a hot destination for good food and live music.


Dead Wax Records

1608 Whitlock Ln Unit H
(214) 325-3061
Tuesday through Friday 10AM to 3PM
Saturday 10AM to 5PM
Sunday 12PM to 5PM

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