Record Store of the Week: Jackpot Records (Portland, OR)

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This week’s Record Store of the Week belongs to the fabulous Jackpot Records, who operate two locations in Portland, Oregon. We hit up Jackpot owner Isaac Slusarenko with some questions about his stores, label, and the great city where he operates:

Please state your full name, age, and occupation

Isaac Slusarenko 38, owner.

How long has Jackpot been open?

13 years.

How long have you been involved with record retail?

20 years.

About how many LP titles do you carry in the stores?

8000-10,000 LP’s  and 12000-15,000 CD’s at each store

photo by Daniel Root

photo by Daniel Root

What kinda people frequent the store?

All types.

Portland, like Seattle, seems to fair well for record stores. Why do you think this is?

Portland has always been extremely supportive of the arts in all capacities.  Music fans in this town are very supportive of local bands, so this has helped Jackpot and all local record stores. Not to mention the bands! There is a strong “buy local” mentality ingrained in the Portland community, so I definitely think that permeates into the music scene.

What is the coolest record that has ever come through your doors?

Leaf Hound Growers Of Mushroom, original Decca pressing.

What’s the weirdest/funniest/most memorable encounter you’ve ever had with someone while at Jackpot?

Recently it was buying Danny Glover’s record collection.   Lots of  60’s -70’s funk/jazz.  I was hoping he’d say to me, “I’m getting to old for this shit.”

Have you ever seen a grown man weep over a record he discovered in your store?

No, but I’ve seen a guy swear like a sailor when he found a record he had been looking for.

Tell me a little bit about the Jackpot record label and what you’ve been up to with that. (I really love those Wipers reissues and The New Dawn)

The label started in 2004 by working with Greg Sage to reissue the 1971 psychedelic soul LP by Beauregarde, a wrestler from Portland who had a local 45 hit with “Testify.”

From there we’ve reissued The Wipers catalog on vinyl, The New Dawn, MIJ, Cromagnon, and Lazy Smoke. I’m really excited about our next limited LP reissue of The Outsiders CQ from 1968 which never released in the US.  It’s got an amazing op-art gatefold cover w/ silver foil and is a true lost masterpiece of 60’s garage psych. It’ll be out Sept 21st . Later this year, we have our third vinyl reissue by Jandek Chair Beside A Window and also The Original Sonic Sound, composed of  3/5 of Mudhoney including Mark Arm on vocals and Scott McCaughey  (of  R.E.M., Young Fresh Fellows) covering the 60’s NW garage band The Sonics.  Plus we currently have four bands that are currently recording albums to be released this year.

Click HERE to pre-order The Outsiders’ CQ

Click HERE to hear The Outsiders’ song “Misfit”

What’s your favorite part about running a cool independent record shop?

Besides being surrounded by music, I’d say it’s the joy of seeing a customer find a record they can’t find anywhere else.

What’s your favorite Light in the Attic release, and why?

Rodriguez Cold Fact.  I can listen to it anytime. I never get tired of it. (Editor’s note: NEITHER DO WE!)

Jackpot Records

203 Southwest 9th Avenue
(503) 222-0990

(SE Hawthorne)
3574 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard
(503) 239-7561

10am-7pm M-Th
10am-8pm F-Sa
11am-6pm Su