Record Store of the Week: Revolver Records (Phoenix, AZ)!

Located in the dusty desert town of Phoenix, AZ you’ll find our Record Store of the Week--Revolver Records. Like some musical oasis for thirsty music heads, Revolver Records is packed to the gills with more goodies than you can shake a stick at! Revolver’s Steve Zimmerman was kind enough to take time to “sit down” with us and talk about records, the Phoenix scene, and where the closest Hooters is. So get your shovels out kids, it’s diggin’ time!

Tell us some stuff about Revolver Records.

We’re an independently owned mostly vinyl record store in downtown Phoenix. We’re a few months shy of 4 years old. We buy, on average, 2,000 records per week, so our turnover is high, making us an essential digging spot in Phoenix. We also stock thousands of new records, thousands of used cds & dvds, turntables, and lots of miscellanous record store type stuff….

What’s your favorite record right now?

For me, I cant get enough of Bobby Hutcheron’s Dialogue on Blue Note.

What record do you always find yourself listening to in the store?

There are so many that have come out in the last year that we seem to gravitate to: Sound of Siam (ed. curated by our friends at ZudRangMa) comp on Soundway, T.L. Barrett from you guys, Parson Sound Box (on Subliminal Sounds), That Turkish Freakout comp. Lots more that I’m sure I’m spacing on…

Is there a record you play that someone will usually buy/inquire about every time?

Any of those Serge Gainsbourg reissues on Light In The Attic usually do the trick, and your T.L. Barrett LP usually works too.

Serge and T.L. - They do the trick!

Does Revolver specialize in any one genre or are pretty much all the musical bases covered?

We’ve got it all, enormous rock/pop, jazz, soul, world, punk, psych, hip-hop sections, and everything else from country and classical, to exotica and gospel.

What is your favorite Light in the Attic release and why?

Pastor T.L Barrett and the Youth For Christ Choir – Like A Ship… (Without A Sail). It’s just so god damn awesome!

Do you do in-store performances? If so, who is your favorite band/artist that has played in your store?

We do mostly local shows, experimental music, etc. we’ve had Eddy Detroit a few times. Ty Segall played once as well.

Ty Segall

What’s the funniest/weirdest/strangest encounter you’ve had with a customer in the store?

There are so many kooky characters. Every store has them. From the old timers whose stories go on way too long, to the weirdo wannabe thieves. Although, I guess David Crosby coming in, buying some cds, and asking where the closest Hooters is might be near the top…..

What is the coolest/most prized record has come into your store that you never thought you’d ever see?

We’ve had some pretty killer stuff through the years. We had a copy of the funk/soul private press out of Cleveland by Hot Chocolate, we’ve had a few butcher covers, and some pretty scarce Blue Note albums (Jutta Hipp, Miles Davis, Gil Melle, etc).

And lastly, how’s the scene down in Phoenix? Any cool local bands we should be on the lookout for?

There’s some great locals out here making some pretty wild music. Destruction Unit, Vegetable, Eddy Detroit, and more…

Revolver Records
918 N. 2nd St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
11am-9pm Mon-Thurs
11am-10pm Fri-Sat
12pm-5pm Sun