Record Store of the Week: Sig’s Lagoon (Houston, TX)


This week, we find ourselves deep in the heart of texas, Houston, Texas, that is! Home of NASA’s Johnson Space Center (“Houston, we have a problem”), the Astrodome, and even legendary outsider musician Jandek! While we’re listing Houston’s many cultural offerings, allow us to introduce this week’s Record Store of the WeekSig’s Lagoon!


Tell us about Sig’s Lagoon and its history.

Sig’s Lagoon is named after Sig Byrd – a columnist of the Houston Post, Houston Press, and Houston Chronicle.  He wrote a book published in the 50′s called Sig Byrd’s Houston ( a great read).  “Lagoon” is a term used by a character in the book which means in a roundabout way “cool.”  The store is approaching it’s 6 year anniversary.

How many people work for Sig’s Lagoon?

Me, myself, and I….does that make 3?


What kind of folks frequent your store, and what sort of records do they typically buy?

Neighborhood peeps and music junkies.

Sig’s Lagoon is an emporium of cool stuff. What kinds of records and things do you carry?

Lots of oldies, international comps, and more oldies.  We are also your Houston hub for tiki mugs, bobbleheads, and Uncle Charlie (Chazbro) posters.


What record do you always find yourself listening to in the store?

Final Relaxation by the Golding Institute.  It’s a good way to end the day and/or clear out the store.

What is the coolest/most prized record has come into your store that you never thought you’d ever see?

It would have to be a tie between a record signed by all of the Beach Boys and a signed Lightnin Hopkins LP.


What is your favorite Light in the Attic release and why?

Right now it’s Gabor Szabo “Jazz Raga.”  Just hit repeat…its that good!

Do you have many characters down there in Houston? If so, what’s the weirdest/funniest/strangest encounter you’ve had with a customer in the store?

Little Joe Washington. He would by a copy of his cd “Houston Guitar Blues” from me and then immediately resells it to someone outside for 2 or 3 times as much – sometimes even turning to the person behind him……. and pulling it off!!!   Consequently, it’s the top selling release at our store(….even without LJW’s creative marketing schemes!).

Do you do instore performances? If so, who is your favorite band/artist that has played in your store?

We used to have in-stores, but since we moved to a cozier location we have stopped.  Favorite instore:  Little Joe Washington.  He played 1 & 1/2 songs, “passed the hat,” and then left.  The  people were overwhelmed, stunned, and sucker punched all at once.  It still makes me laugh!

What do you love most about working at a cool independent record shop?

the cookies.

Sig’s Lagoon

3710 Main Street

Houston, TX 77002

(281) 533-9525


11am-7pm Mon-Thurs

11am-12am Fri-Sat

closed Sunday