Well the festivities have died.  The bands have slunk back to their dark holes.  The rare 7″s and cassette tapes have been tucked away in the humidors of record geeks the world over.

Yes, Record Store Day has come and gone.

But we here at Light In The Attic, angels that we are, still have a handful of our favorite record stores to shower our unconditional love upon.  Thus, let us recover from the hangover of music gluttony hair-of-the-dog style.

End of the Ear has been doing Light In The Attic quite the solid for a good many years now, and we’ve develope a love for them, and for Austin in general that evokes rainbows and garter belts.  It’s sultry and delightful.

We’ll leave the details to your imagination, gentleman take it away.

STORE OF THE WEEK: End Of An Ear, Austin, Texas

1.  Store Description, history…etc-

We opened in May 2005 with the goal of being our own favorite record store.  We’re an independently owned and operated store specializing in new and used LP’s and CD’s. We provide all genres, but specialize in more obscure titles and underground music in general. We also carry music and movie DVD’s, t-shirt’s, accessories, books, magazines, and collectible VHS tapes.
We feature a different art show in our store every month and host in-store performances of local and touring bands. Genres we maybe focus on more than other stores: Experimental, Psychedelic, Progressive, Reggae, Avant Jazz, etc. We want to be the record store that would make us do back flips.

2.  What is your favorite record right now?

Too many to mention – but some that come to mind instantly are: UFO “Phenomena”, Destruction “Sentence Of Death”, Ranking Dread “In Dub”, Death “For the Whole World To See”, Ofege “Try And Love” and the new Alley Cats compilation album.

3.  What is your favorite LITA release?

Both Betty Davis records, Noel Ellis, Summer Records Anthology 1974-1988, and the new Serge Gainsbourg “Histoire De Melody Nelson” reissue is getting much love.

4.  Favorite record to play in the shop?

Mrs. Miller’s “Greatest Hits” / Melvin Van Peebles “What The #@&! You Mean I Can’t Sing…”

5.  What is the best in-store performance?

We’ve had a lot of good ones. But the best so far this year have definitely been The Homosexuals, and Powell St. John performing with his band and half of Cold Sun.

6.  Funniest story about the shop?

One of our regular customers had a total meltdown when she saw Legendary Pink Dots shopping at our store. She cornered Edward Ka-Spel ranting and raving to him for like an hour and basically forced him to let her do video projections for their show that night at Stubb’s. Then she was using our phone to call a “film crew” which turned out to be some friend to whom she was screaming over the line-”Be there at 8:00 sharp! Don’t fuck this up man, this is the opportunity of a lifetime!!!” They left looking bewildered with her in tow telling her-”You know there’s no money in this for you, right?”.