This is the last one, the final cherry on this impressive sunday of record store mania.  We’re exhausted.  Showing this much love will certainly drain the normal human being.

We chose one of our favorite record stores to close out the festivities, Euclid Records in St. Louis, Missouri.  We’d muster up a sizable ode, in couplet form of course, to this wonderful store, but our arms are tired from typing, our hearts spent from giving love.  We can only say this, these guys fucking rule.

Euclid Squadron roll out.

STORE OF THE DAY: Euclid Records, St. Louis, MI

1.  Store Description, history…etc-

Funny that you ask that. We have a long store profile that we did for our in-store newsletter.

Scroll down a little and you’ll see it.

2.  What is your favorite record right now?

My obsessions right now:
Fitness Forever – Personal Train
The Hard Lessons – Arms Forest
Terry Adams – Holy Tweet
Also Monks and Serge

3.  What is your favorite LITA release?

Original LITA The Blakes EP
Reissue LITA Serge Gainsbourg

4.  Favorite record to play in the shop?

Rodriguez – Cold Fact
Starling Electric – Clouded Staircase
Future Clouds and Radar – S/T
Anything by Puffy Ami Yumi

5.  What is the best in-store performance?

Terry Adams Rock and Roll Quartet with The Whole Wheat Horns
45 from that in-store out on RSD:

6.  Funniest story about the shop?

Maybe Gregg Allman hitting up customers for blow.
Or my childhood hero Orlando Cepeda telling us about Doris Day’s affinity for dark meat.