Just a few more left.  We promise.

Paul’s CDs had Bill Callahan, formerly of Smog, play on Saturday, that makes us quiver with glee.

But please, let Paul and crew give their side of the story.


1.  Store Description, history…etc-

The store started in 1977 as Jim’s Records.  Jim started off selling a lot of punk and new wave, soon expanding into more genres.  Paul bought the store in 1993.  The store stayed in the spirit of Jim’s but over time, we have expanded our space and selection a bit.  The store is still relatively small but we try to cram a diverse and good selection of rock, jazz, blues, funk, soul, folk, tropicalia, world, experimental, and electronic releases on vinyl and CD into the space we have.

2.  What is your favorite record right now?

Hard to narrow it down to one, but here is a partial selection of the staff’s current favorites:

Byard Lancaster – Funky, Funky Rib Crib
Michael Hurley – Armchair Boogie
Nathan Davis – If
The Move – Anthology 1966-1972 box set
Thin Lizzy – Still Dangerous
Valkyrie – Man of Two Visions
Centipede E’est – Confluence
The Pogues – Just Look Them Straight In The Eye… box set

3.  What is your favorite LITA release?

Again, sort of hard to narrow it down to you, but if pressed, Betty Davis remains a favorite among staff and customers.

4.  Favorite record to play in the shop?

A lot of favorites, but over the past twenty years a few stand out as records we rarely get sick of (well, most of us…):
Van Morrison – Astral Weeks
The Stooges – Fun House
Television – Marquee Moon

5.  What is the best in-store performance?

Bill Callahan is playing in the store next week, but in general, we haven’t had many of them.  When it was Jim’s, the Ramones hung out for a whole day once, though.

6.  Funniest story about the shop?

I don’t know if this is the “funniest” but it’s the first thing that comes to mind…one time, I happened to say, “Are Cheap Trick playing in town tonight?”  A middle-aged guy in a Hawaiian shirt looking at CDs looked up and said, “Yes, they are.”  It was Bun E. Carlos!