Report From Wheedle’s Groove Down Under


The light still shines bright on the other side of the world.  Wheedle’s Groove director Jennifer Maas has been down in Australia for the Perth Revelation International Film Festival which happened over the last week. While in Melbourne,  she snapped this photo around the corner from a Shepard Fairey exhibit. “I don’t think it was Shepard Fairey,” she says.

In Perth, Jennifer was warmly deluged by press, including a drive-time ABC Radio show and lunchtime interview at a KEXP-like RTR. The Wheedle’s Groove screenings were a success, with both Thursday evening and Saturday matinee showings turning out and turning on hundreds of people to this amazing, funky piece of Seattle music history.

“It felt really great,” she says of the Thursday showing. “There was plenty of laughter, and a bunch of people stayed for the Q&A.  Toni Clancy, the guest liaison for the festival, also happens to be involved in Funk Club, and those folks showed up in force.”

CLICK HERE to listen to the streaming RTR interview