RIP Poly Styrene

A friend commented the other day that it seems the better part of her morning each day is spent watching videos on YouTube of whoever just passed away. This is defintiely true in the past week with the passing of TV on the Radio bassist Gerard Smith and just yesterday we got more sad news that Poly Styrene, front woman of the seminal UK punk band X Ray Spex, lost her battle with cancer. She was 53.

What’s strange is that Monday night I was driving and listening to an NPR Music story about Poly Styrene and her new album, Generation Indigo, that was released on April 26 (on Future Noise Music) and I went home and checked out a few YouTube videos as it had been a while since I had my X Ray Spex fix. And then the next morning—boom, she’s gone. I didn’t catch the end of the NPR story, so maybe it went on to talk about how she was sick. The whole thing left me feeling strange…

Here’s to you, Poly!